OUR CULTURE What we value and how we act

It doesn’t matter what position you are in ableneo, you can feel valued in all aspects of life in the company - from both professional and personal point of view. We stand mainly on two pillars:

  • Swiss – represented by quality, commitment, transparency or feedback.
  • Slovak – humanity, where human is always in front of consideration.


ableneo focuses on employee growth and learning. Working together encourages our colleagues to step outside their comfort zones and overcome their limits. We don’t talk about our values more than necessary – they appear themselves anyway.

OUR VALUES sense. dare. impact


Friendship and a helping hand are the reasons (among many others) why we can achieve big things. We build a world of good together.


We focus on quality. No big phrases stolen from someone’s post on LinkedIn, no bullshitting. Just work and honesty.


It all takes place in our heads. The thinking process based on our knowledge and skills is what we use while beating our brains out.

GALLERY Taste a bite of the atmosphere in our office

Check out how we spend time in the office, always with friends.

Whether it’s a difficult task you’re cutting through, a need for a coffee (+ a sweet tooth, maybe?), some other mind-clearing activities or just genuine social living stuff, our office is the right place to be.

Our team at ableneo does more than just enable the potential of our clients; we also do fun, family activities together!

Tasty Thursday breakfasts, yoga classes, and lots of fun. Always.